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RAK Offshore Company formation
UAE Offshore companies are increasingly turning into well-known tools for intercontinental entrepreneurs who are searching for the type of business to establish in the United Arab Emirates. They possess several features from which you may obtain ample of benefits.

The RAK ICC which stands for the RAK International Corporate Centre is the authority where the RAK Offshore companies are formed. This is the most popular and perfect solution for the kind of businesses where a local office is not a necessity. This type of companies can only conduct their activities outside the UAE.
Also, under Dubai Licensing, I noticed that it says DFC on the title on the right of the screen. I believe you wanted to write DIFC (which is the free zone authority for the financial services). Can you therefore please amend it to DIFC instead of “DFC Dubai Licensing & Financial Services”.

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Example activities composed of

  • Holding shares in global, local or free zone firms
  • E-commerce
  • Trading activities outside the United Arab Emirates
  • Holding intellectual property
  • Many more

RAK Offshore Companies contain the following features

  • No requirement for the owner or manager to visit the UAE in person
  • No requirement to deposit capital or investment in a bank account
  • No need for public record
  • No audit requirement or requirement to submit financial statements
  • 100% tax free
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted
  • Offshore Company can hold an account in a bank in the United Arab Emirates

Similar with free zone and local firms, the offshore companies may obtain favors from a few of the tax treaties settled by the United Arab Emirates. Once a local corporate bank account is required for instance, to gain benefit from the able client, confidentiality regulations must be applicable in the United Arab Emirates, then utilizing a local IBC will ward off diversely compelling authentication charges.

Be that as it may, IBCs cannot lease office space nor can apply for staff visas and they are also not permitted to trade with parties within UAE.

UAE IBC’s can only be incorporated by a licensed registered agent such as Oxford Consultants DMCC.

Dubai Offshore Company – Jebel Ali Freezone Company

The Jebel Ali Freezone Company is also recognized as the Dubai Offshore Company. It possesses the identical features as that of RAK IBC and is complacently situated beside Dubai’s primary trading facility which is the Jebel Ali Port.

The Jebel Ali Offshore Company is also the only legit entity wholly owned by foreigners permitted to do business in real estate in Dubai.

The primary drawback of the Jebel Ali Offshore Company is that the shareholder has to arise before the registrar prior for the firm to be integrated; meanwhile the RAK IBC may be unified over distance.

What can Oxford Consultants significantly do for you and your business?

Oxford Consultants can aid you establish your offshore company in the United Arab Emirates in a polished way. We can cater to all the required paperwork and offer a registered office. We can also offer you with a virtual office and manage your phone calls and emails.

Moreover, we can also offer a local professional on the board who can transact all local-related matters in the United Arab Emirates, handle local staff and who has means of entry to huge network of expertise compatible to operating your business from the United Arab Emirates. We are happy to share that we could also provide assistance with your work permit and visa processes.

Should you wish to learn more about the benefits of establishing business in the United Arab Emirates in one of the free zones, feel free to get in touch with us and allow our intake officers to provide you all the accurate details regarding the process.