Oxford Consultants DMCC - Business Consultancy Services in UAE


Business Consultancy in Dubai, and all other emirates, within the UAE

We assist organizations to promote and enhance their performance specifically by means of the close examination of actual organizational issues and advancement of plans of development.

In the same way, we offer guidance, supreme supervision and hands on administration of onshore and offshore corporate entities.

As business consultants we provide professional advice and assessment to the client, with slight to no input from the client at the time of process.

We, being business consultants are generally set-up in a way that enables us to regulate diverse specializations that various clients entrust to us.

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Our core services are the following

  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Assisting you select the most suitable corporate vehicle to perform your business
  • Evaluation of the Local Business
  • Review of the Organization
  • Project Implementation & Management
  • Business Marketing